The Himachal Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB) is a statutory body created by an Act passed by Legislative Assembly (No 8 of 1966).
It came into existence on 8.1.1968 The Original Act of 1966 has been subsequently amended during the year 1981 & 1987.
The Department of Industries is Administrative Deptt. of KVIB.


The objectives of the Board are broadly given as under:
  1. The social objective of providing employment.
  2. The economic objective of producing saleable articles.
  3. The wider objective of creating self reliance amongst the people. Building up a strong rural community spirit.

Organisational Structure of the Board

The headquarter of the Board is at Shimla. The Board has its District level offices and sub units where activities of the Board are undertaken. The policy decisions are taken by the Board, the Chairman controls the overall working of the Board and the administrative functions are looked after by the Chief Executive Officer. The Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer advises on financial matters. The Organizational chart is given as under:

The Functions & duties of the KVIB

(1) The functions of Board are generally to plan,organize and implement programmes for the development of Khadi and Village Industries.
(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, the Board may take such steps as it thinks fit
(a) to promote, encourage and assist in the development of Khadi and Village Industries and to carry on trade or business in the products of such industries;

(b) to provide work to persons who have been professionally engaged in Khadi and Village Industries ;

(c) to grant loans to individuals; societies or institutions engaged in Khadi and Village Industries;

(d) to encourage establishment of co-operative societies in Khadi and Village Industries;

(e) to conduct training centres with a view to impart the necessary skill and knowledge for carrying on Khadi and Village Industries;

(f) to manufacture tools and implements and to arrange supply of such tools and implements and raw materials in order to secure development of Khadi and Village Industries;

(g) to conduct publicity and propaganda and organize marketing of finished products of Khadi and Village Industries by opening stores; shops, emporia and through exhibitions;

(h) to undertake and encourage research with a view to improve the quality and marketability of Khadi and the products of Village Industries;

(i) to collect statistics relating to Khadi and Village industries from such person or persons as may be prescribed and to publish the statistics so collected.

(j) to carry out any other matter which may be prescribed;

In the discharge of its functions, under this Act, the Board is bound by such directions as the KVIC may give to it.

For discharging the above functions, Board banks upon the Khadi & Village Industries Commission for schematic funds( loans & grants) for development of Khadi & Village Industries but administrative expenditure is borne by the State Govt.

The Board undertakes broadly the following activities in order to perform the above functions:-
A) Development .
B) Trading